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and you know, celebrating the diversity we have and asking for more of it are not diametrically opposed

movie about sisters? fuck yeah!

but they didn’t have to be white sisters

or straight or cis

"this is great, now do better" is not being dismissive or…

To be honwdt nobe of these characters are labeled as straight anyway, you can think of them however you like.

Secret - Yohoo
Group Reel 

i just rembered the horror that is gifing kpop videos

tellin the members apart from you don’t know the band or don’t like them is horrid

there’s so many groups i know all names of from gifing and I don’t even like their music



im sorry guys I have exams back in 2 weeks


my exams are over


Anonymous asked: What exactly is 'Forever Evil'?


I must admit I’m not the best person to ask about the details in this. I only read this storyline for the Nightwing stuff and general Batfamily presence, and skip anything that’s not directly related to them.

I readily admit it is a rather confusing storyline as there are alternate universes - or Earths - involved.

My understanding of ‘Forever Evil’ is that the Crime Syndicate - which is JLA’s evil twiin on Earth 3 has kidnapped Nightwing and either killed or at least disabled JLA on their own world and our world (Earth 1). Dick’s being tortured and his identity revealed to all Earths for some yet-to-be-known purpose which apparently will be revealed in next month’s ‘Forever Evil’.

While I am talking about this, I can’t help but wonder if this is a ‘grand finale’ for Dick as there are rumours - that might be just that - about DC killing him off permanently. After almost 75 years as a popular comics hero the rumors are that DC comics will end Dick’s life for good. They’ve tried to kill him before but the fans made such a fuss that they decided against it. The last time they tried (to my knowledge) was about 7-8 years ago. That is, unless you count injustice League which is an AU comic where Dick dies a rather… comical death by hitting his head on a rock.

Just to add to this, they said a major change to Nightwong and due to the amount of times they’ve tried to off him.


"the only one who can beat me is me" hisses aomine as he uses two controllers to play fighting games with himself because he has no friends

im sorry guys I have exams back in 2 weeks

new gifs soon